The importance of obedience training your dog

Owning a dog isn't just about taking it on walks, feeding it and cuddling on the sofa at night. Your dog in order to truly be happy, it must be obedient. Dogs are primarily pack animals, and in the wild a hierarchy will exist with a pack leader. This means that all other pack members must be obedient. You as the human must be the pack leader therefore your dog must be obedient to you. Failure to recognise this is often where problems start and contributes to the large number of dogs being given to shelters for rehoming.

Another big reason for obedience training your dog is to secure it's safety. Dogs need structure and a stressed dog may attack out of anxiety, lack of confidence or from aggression.


Your Protection Dogs London Obedience training is provided on a four week course Board and Train basis. This means that your dog will stay with us for the duration of the course where they will be given daily obedience training. Your dog will be cared for night and day with the highest quality of care whilst undergoing their training.

All Obedience courses are tailor made matching the correct training with each dog, owner and goals. All dogs are different with their own personalities so a rigid training program will not always work. Obedience training is also conducted with an on-leash approach.

Here is what is included in the 4 week obedience training package:

Sit/down command

Obey Down command

Stay/wait command

Place/Bed command

Walking to heel

Recall command

Socialisation with people

Socialisation with dogs

Building confidence

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