Dedicated board and train services

Board and Train is a service that Protection Dogs London offers to its clients. Board and Train involved your dog staying at our facility for the duration of their course. They will have their own living quarters and have the finest food and care available. They will be exercised daily and undertake their training as scheduled in daily.

For the best results board and train is essential for dogs undergoing our Obedeience training, advanced obedience trainin, protection training and advanced protection. All other services can be offered with board and train however this will be down to each dog, owner and expected outcomes.


Your Protection Dogs London Board and Train is provided at our facility. Your dog will be cared for at the highest level possible and will benefit from daily excercise, enrichment and the finest living conditions and food.

Here is what is included with board and train:

Private dog living quarters

Finest in dog care

Daily exercise

Daily enrichment

Highest level of training

Please note that Board and Train is only available with Protection Dogs London training courses.

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